Sunday, September 14, 2014

Arrival to India

After leaving Budapest on Thursday 11th of September at around 4pm, I arrived to Kolkata
on Friday 12th of September at 3pm (Jamshedpur does not have an airport, the closest city is Kolkata=Kalkutta). Believe it or not, with the itinerary of Budapest-Paris-Mumbai-Kolkata I was one of the luckiest with the shortest journey to make out of 11 of us. The other team members arrived throughout the day but by the end of the day we managed to get together and had our first Indian dinner in the hotel's restaurant.

#ibmcsc india23 

Famous Kolkata-style taxi

The Team from left to right:  Miguel (Colombia), Darren (US), Carol (Brazil), myself :), Kim (US), Michelle (Canada), Yves (Switzerland), Jakob (Germany), Mark (China), Manju (Canada), Udaya (US: not in this picture he joined us the next day)

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