Friday, September 26, 2014

Last weekend (20-21 Sept)

It is quite challenging to find the time and energy to keep our blogs up-to-date and not let days turn into weeks without posting...and I am not the best at it I have to admit. :)
But I thought before we get into the weekend, I should definitely post about last weekend. 

Saturday was a "Tata-day": in the morning we visited the Center of Excellence where we heard about the long history of  the TATA family, their values passed on from generation to generation and the vision of the company's founder Jamsetji Tata. 

In the afternoon we were invited to visit Tata Steel plant where we all had to wear safety equipment and we were not allowed to take pictures inside the plant. :( 
Sunday was more relaxing, in the morning we were invited by Ricky Surie (from Kalamandir) to Beldih Golf Course for breakfast, then he drove us around the city showing us some of the most important places in Jamshedpur.
The afternoon was a rainy one but some of us (the adventurous ones :)) still visited the zoo in Jubilee Park, followed by a laser show, both of which remain almost totally undocumented due to a) the weather conditions b) visitors are not supposed to take pictures of the animals c) difficulty to take acceptable pictures with my camera (and my skills :)) at dusk/in the dark.

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Sunrise from our hotel with the silhouette of Tata Steel plant

Ladies' tuk-tuk - our favourite means of transportation

Center of Excellence

The making of steel: quarry, prepare, charge, reduce, refine, cast, shape, trim, pack - sure I understood every single word of it:)

Magic picture

Some rest in between in Jubilee Park

The plant is huge
Casual Sunday breakfast at Beldih Golf Course
Preparation for the upcoming Durga Puja festival (more info will follow later)
In Loyola School's court
It's amazing how much effort women make at constructions
The turtle and us
Dino :)
Ready for the tour!

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