Sunday, September 14, 2014

IBM’s Corporate Service Corps - in a nutshell

As described at IBM’s Corporate Service Corps CSC Home Page
“It’s not just philanthropy, it’s leadership development and business development, and it helps build economic development in the emerging world.”
— Stanley Litow
IBM’s Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs

The Corporate Service Corps program was launched in 2008 and by the end of 2013, over 2,400 IBM employees will have participated. The program empowers high achieving IBM employees to perform community-driven economic development projects in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, working at the intersection of business, technology and society. The Corporate Service Corps has had a positive impact of the lives of more the 140000 people through skills transfer and capacity building. Many thousands more have been positively impacted through the services of the organisations the Corporate Service Corps has supported.

The teams spend three months preparing for their assignments in a robust curriculum that includes education about their host countries, project problem statements, and time for team building via teleconferences and social networking websites. Participants who are not from the consulting practice also immerse themselves in consulting methodology appropriate for working in emerging markets. On location, teams work with local governments, universities, and business groups on a variety of initiatives ranging from upgrading technology for a government agency, increasing international tourism to a government funded poverty alleviation initiative, working with artisans to improving public water quality.

The result is a triple benefit to the IBMers, the community, and to IBM. A global business and service perspective is instilled in program participants and community partners through a dynamic business environment promoting social, business, and economic development. The Corporate Service Corps program enables significant, scalable contributions to global communities while cultivating effective global leaders.

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