Sunday, September 14, 2014

Heading to Jamshedpur

I am a bit behind with the blog but will catch up shortly, lets continue with Saturday afternoon when we left Kolkata to take a 4-hour long train ride to Jamshedpur, our final destination. At the railway station, a couple of eager porters were waiting for us, ready to negotiate a price for taking all our luggage and putting them to the train for us.
Passing by Victoria Memorial in Kolkata which I will have a chance to visit next time

Negotiation skills practice with porters

Porters in action
From left to right: Manju, Miguel, Sanjay (our guide in Kolkata), Mark, Udaya, Yves, Mamtha (IBM India), Jakob, Carol, Kim, Darren, Michelle + me + the big suitcases
A lot of good people can fit in a small compartment
 Tatanagar Railway Station

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